Mbox 1 via usb-audio.de ASIO drivers. Ports are inactive.

I have an mbox 1

I have the following usb asio drivers installed:

I load up cubase ,I go to studio setup, VST audio system, select “usb-audio.de. ASIO driver”. then click on the driver. It shows me 2 input ports and 2 output port. I can hear the 30 second beep (part of the demo of this driver - meaning the drive is working, talking to the mbox just fine) coming from output 1 and 2. However cubase shows the state of each port as “inactive” so it won’t use it.

How do I get cubase to recognize the ports as active?

By connecting them to a device port as explained in the manual.

i actually figured it out… cubase was telling me i had no audio input or outputs connected… i clicked it, and i had to assign the ports. I thought the vst settings were assigning the ports… but there was one more step.