MBOX Pro/Cubase Not Working

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to set up my MBOX Pro to work with Cubase so I can track different live elements. I went to Device Setup, selected MBOX Pro, and then set up the VST connections to correspond with my interface but I’m still not getting any audio signal on Cubase.

I am getting audio on the MBOX, and it works perfectly with Logic on my computer so I don’t think it’s an MBOX issue. Also, Cubase recognizes the MBOX. I was able to select it as my ASIO driver no problem, but it just doesn’t give me any signal.

I’m posting a screenshot of what things look like so far. I’ve tried all 8 of those inputs, but none have worked so far. Any help would be appreciated, because right now I’m thoroughly at a loss for what’s missing!




With this setup, you should be able to record, but you will not hear recorded signal. Switch On Record Enable button (speaker) on the track, please. Once your record is done on the track, disable the Record Enable button.

Can you see incoming signal in the MixConsole on the left, red, Input Channels?