Mbp 16“ i9 vs i7

Hey there,
I need some advice… i am about to buy the new macbook and im not certain which version to go for. i run cubase. do you guys think the i9 is overkill? can cubase even use the cores?
also, does anyone know which cpu runs cooler? fan noise is an issue.

also… i think i will run this with turbo switched off most of the time to reduce fan noise. would the higher base clock of the i7 maybe even be faster in that scenario?

Thanks a lot

Firstly, i don’t think you can disable the turbo modes on the modern MBP’s as the CPU’s are locked.

Edit: Sorry, i think you can disable turbo - it was the undervolting that you cannot get to anymore.

Secondly, Cubase will utilise the cores on the i9 - it’s whether your usage warrants buying one, in regards to thermals they’re certainly better than the i9-8xxx MBP’s which did have thermal issues, all those issues are a thing of the past i beleive.

The i7 is incredibly capable CPU since they jumped to 6 core/12 threads. You get a larger SSD with the i9 model, so cost-wise pricing ain’t that bad when you consider the addition 2 cores/4 threads - it’s probably the better longterm purchase.

I run Cubase 10.5 on an I7-9750H and it’s brilliant. Would have no hesistancy in recommending for Cubase, but if you’re looking at the larger SSD and added performance then the i9 for sure.

Thanks a lot,
if i buy the 2.4 version id still get only 512gb because i would just upgrade the base model. im kind of scared of the 2.3 middle option as it comes with the higher end grapics card which supposedly produces more heat and i dont need it at all. i want the system to run as quiet as possible. im basically just deciding between cpus.

ps: what do you guys suggest for ram? will the 16gb do? Im normally running around 50 tracks max, not too many plugins and maybe one instance of superior drummer plus around 2-3 kontakt tracks. the rest is audio only. i normally end up with around 8-10gb max on my windows desktop. dont know if i should future proof…

You can’t upgrade SSD after purchase, you’re aware of that right? The ‘joys’ of being in the Apple eco system i’m afraid. :frowning:

What CPU you running on your windows desktop as a comparison? And if you don’t mind me asking, why are you going Mac if you have a windows setup? If you want control of thermals and a quiet system i’d weigh up windows options too, if you haven’t already - you get full control of when discrete GPU kicks in (If you do ever need it), and of course fan/CPU profiles.

(Mac OS is better for audio drivers though)

And yes 16GB is what i run and never had problems, i don’t run kontakt but i have superior drummer and around 20-30 tracks on average. If i hit 50 tracks it’s normally including busses and just audio tracks so not RAM heavy.

it will be a mac. My phone, my ipad i want it to work together… any more input is welcome

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Thanks Michel,
can you elaborate a bit? Was one of the units louder than the other? Did you see a big boost with the i9?

so far it seems as if the i7 will most likely run cooler from anything i have read so far. please let me know if im wrong.