MBP, Asio, clicks.

I have been looking around for a fix for random clicks. They should not be happening since my cpu doesnt even get above 40% even with all of my needed plug ins running. but still i get clicks and cpu spikes for no reason. :imp:

System specs - OSX.? soundcard. latency settings… other settings in devices VST Audio system…

Mac os x 10.6.8
2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

96khz @128

here… i made a video and discovered a bug i think.

This is not a bug. You MBP is at its limits.

work on 44.1khz@512
That should solve your problem. You won’t hear the difference, especially if only using softsynths.
96khz only makes sense in a Hi-End setup:
Great Room, Finest Mics, Boutique Pre’s, Hi End ADDA - and of course, a great performance :wink:
Even then the difference is minimal. Believe me…


Yes, but in theory he shouldn’t be getting these spikes at these ASIO loads. Reminds me like the old problem with the CPU core affinity. But then, he runs a MBP so…

well in case both of you did not notice… :astonished:

i can trigger these clicks every time i change cursor type… just look at the mouse… when it switches from pointer to the hand it triggers clicks as well.

Besides running at 96k, you’re also running in 32 bit mode. Try as suggested above and run at 44.1k/16 or 24 bit…and raise your buffer up to 192 or 256 for starts…just to see if things improve.

Change SR and BR in Project Setup and your buffer in Device/DeviceSetup/ControlPanel.

Besides what’s already been mentioned, there’s the question of what Insert plug-in you have running along with that Track. I can see you have something inserted. Depending on what it is, that alone could be the culprit.

And please keep in mind that the Arturia Jupiter 8 is not a very CPU efficient plug-in to start with. So…if none of the above improves things, does it improve if you simply switch to a different VSTi ?

You need to nail down the cause…and so you have to go through a process of elimination. Even the drivers for the MR-816 could be suspect.

ok nvm 44.1 and 24 bit actually did the trick… but im able to have really low latency without an issues at all… its strange that when i more to 96k i still have about the same performance but i gain clicks and drop outs.

I also just got a new computer… AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processor and still have issues here… at no matter what setting i use. I updated my mr816 drivers… cubase 6.02 and i have issues :frowning: