MBPro died - how to activate a license on new machine w/o the dongle

Hello - my apologies for bringing up this old topic, but after searching on this forum and Facebook I am unsure and confused as to how to proceed in my situation. My MBPro has apparently died, or at best may have to spend weeks getting repaired, if possible. I have an iMac which I can use but my Dorico license is on the defunct MBPro. I have searched the forum but am still confused as to the process in getting an activation code for the new machine. I do have a Steinberg USB eLicenser for other software but do not need it for Dorico. What can I do? Many thanks in advance.

Jonathan Klizas
Morristown, NJ, USA

Welcome to the forum, Jonathan. The reactivation procedure is described here.

Thank you, Leo!