MC channel visibility suggestion

The MC falls down on “at a glance” visibility, especially in a crowded mix zoomed right out. It could be elegantly solved by following the arrange page view where, if you click on a track it widens a whatever size users decide allowing easy visibility so you know what track your editing.

If the mix console followed this, it would be so easy to see which channel/track on the MC is in focus, it would also assist with use of the (horrible) pop up buttons and reading the insert names. It would also allow for sensible key mapping of the insert slots in an the selected wider channel allowing for the pop up buttons tons to be got rid of.

Hi, I have a Mackie Control. Do you mean that it would be great in a 30+ track mix that the hardware mixer controller would shift it’s 8 motorfaders to the channel you click on, like the software mixer highlights a channel when you click on it in the arrangement?
That would be great, I did’n realize that now, I have to bank my way left and right all the time, untill I’m there were the selected light comes in view. I would go for a ‘goto’ button. Or a dsiable button as well. Otherwise the faders would be jumping all the time when you work in the arrangement.

Outsounder did you put this in the feature requests? Otherwise I would, mentioning you as suggestor

Thanks, yes it is in the suggestions forum