MC Control CR volume affecting totalmix when in DM!!!

This may be a bug in the Eucon implementation?

I found this issue in Nuendo 5 and thought there are probably a lot of Cubase users that have MC Control also, and wonder if this is the same in C6…

When I turn in direct monitoring and set a track into rec ready, the inputs fader in totalmix is adjusted by the tracks fader and ALSO the CR level knob on the euphonix! If my CR level is set to say 30% then the totalmix fader is almost all the way down even withtimber the nuendo channel fader at 0. If I push the nuendo fader up to +6 then the totalmix fader goes up a little but is limited by whatever my CR monitor level is set at.

Is this the same in C6?

Any word from SB devs on this unwanted interplay?