MC Control Jog Wheel Question

Is there a way to:

  1. Make the jog wheel control the cursor and have it scroll in the project window WITHOUT having the audio scrub (in other words, move silently)? Currently, Shuttle equals scrub and that’s very annoying. The current work around is to use the trackball, which I’m trying to use less of.

  2. Control the settings between coarse and fine shuttle?

Coarse, I’ve got. But I don’t want to hear the audio while I’m shuttling. I only want to hear it in scrub mode. But I need a fine shuttle setting, in or out of scrub mode. How do I get the jog wheel to do that on the MC?

  1. It’s called Jog Position. You need to edit it in the EuCon Software

Thanks, I found it. It’s located on the General Tab, right?
Eucon Control Pannel Wheel Setting Tab.jpg
The controls work kind of like bike gears in reverse (“lower gears = coarse” on the left and “higher gears = fine” on the right). The problem here is that it’s an either or setting. I’d need both. Is there anyway to program a coarse gear and a fine gear on the MC surface (some kind of macro I might write into the shuttle/jog wheel button)?

The select by touch option was unchecked on that tab. Would that make any difference?

No, I meant in the soft keys tab.
There you can select a knob and assign a function.
In your case that would be category “wheel” and then “Jog position”


Okay, I found it. It was already there on page 3 of the soft keys as a pre-set. So now, I’ve got shuttle and scrub options. I just need to figure out how to write a command for coarse and fine shuttle gears! Thanks a lot!