MC Control Solo Function not working

Recently, the MC has developed yet another new quirk. Now, when I try to solo a channel, it activates the Listen function instead. This just started tonight for me, but, apparently it’s some kind of known bug on the Avid Artists site ( ECv3.2 still randomly switched solo mode to "latch" - Avid Pro Audio Community ). Anyone here know of any way to get the solo function back? :question:

I am not behind my MC Control now, but I know there is a “solo system select”-button somewhere in the first page of the soft keys below the display. I thought the first press makes all the solo buttons act as “solo in place” , a second press makes them function as “pfl” , and a third press makes them function as “listen”…The next press brings you back in the cycle.

Hope this helps?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yeah, I figured it out and got the solo function back. Thanks for your reply.