MC Control: Surround Mode Questions

Okay, I’m finally at a point where I can start working with the surround mode on my MC Control and now I have a few questions.

The manual only refers to the knob’s ability to work in stereo or surround mode.

Press the PAN key to display the Pan Knob set to configure stereo or surround panning. The stereo pan is typically displayed. The first page of eight pan knobs is shown.

That’s all I found doing the search in the manual.

Searches for Boom, Fdiv, FPan, CtrL & Smd turned up empty. :open_mouth:

I was able to figure a lot of it out on my own. But I still don’t understand some of these controls. So, how does the Pan Knob/Encoder work in Surround Mode? Specifically:

  1. Why is PanF, which implies Front Panner, labeled as such if it also controls the rear panning? That was confusing.
  2. Boom seems to control the LFE, so, what does CtrL do?
  3. I assume Fdiv is Front Divergence. But FPan also controlled Rear Panning, so, I’m not sure.
  4. I can see what Smd does, but what is it the abbreviation for? I couldn’t find anything in the manual, the Avid Artist Series Forum or the Avid Artist Series Knowledge Base.
  5. Why are the pan directions reversed (Left Front on the MC screen is displayed as Right Front on the Nuendo Channel)? Is there some kind of calibration process that I need to do to get them to match?

Yeah, I know it’s basic stuff. But as they didn’t include it in the manual and I can’t find a DVD Manual Tutorial to purchase, I’m asking you users. Thanks for the help.