MC Control touch button active window

Hi to all, I’ve notice recently that some functions that I have previous assigned to my MC control touchcreen, working fine only if the interested window is active…I mean, I’ve made a button with the Q-Link function, that’s for me is a lot useful, but If the mixer window is not active the button doesn’t work. The same thing for the ‘full zoom’ button that works only if the project window is active.
This way is very annoying cause we are forced to use the mouse to activate the interested window and then press the button…
Is there the way to made always active all the windows? (i have 2 monitors, one for the project and one for the mixer win). Otherwise is there a way to fix it in the eucon settings?

Thanx a lot bye!!

Noticed as well, that the window must be “activated” before an action within this window can take place.
With me, it’s the respective mixer window that I just select it on the touch screen first, before I can manage the inserts or the layout.

I think, this is a systematic issue, first select the window, second take the actions.
Means, you must be able to call all your windows with a button - easy to do with the “Workspace” feature.
Made respective workspaces and programmed the softbuttons on the Artist Control to call it. (It’s by default adressable with short cuts like ALT+Num ()) or to call it directly with the EuCon commands in the “Device” menu for the Mixers and under “Project” for the project window.

Just as a hint… :wink:


Yes but I think is a vey stupid thing!! If I am forced to use mouse the touchscreen button or strip button became useless!
Under Cubase is not possible to make mixer and project windows always active together?


First I apologize to confuse you - I try it once more.

  1. No mouse needed - all by softkeys
  • Mixer
  • Mixer 2
  • Mixer 3
  • Project window
    Just one press on the respective button :wink:
  1. No - as far as I understand even with the mouse you preselect the working window
    For me it makes sense as it is - otherwise how should cubase know, which window you like to zoom in and out :question:
    (Cannot be managed for project and mixer window at the same time…)


I understand your point of view and it’s corect but I think that we need an option under eucon control panel to ‘flag’ in order to assing button to any ‘windows’…for example the ‘Q-link’ button is also reachable by key pressing alt + shift and in this case works in all circumstance. Otherwise if I made a button with the ‘Q-link’ from the eucon panel it works only if before I made the mixer win active…
The Q-link for ex. is one function that I think should be work in every situation.