MC Control Touch Screen Calibration

I’m asking here because 'd like an answer within my lifetime, which isn’t likely on the Avid site.

So, I finally figured out why I’ve been having so much trouble with my track selection on the MC touch screen.

It was really bad. I would tell it to go to the soft keys and it would always pull up track 9. I would try to cursor down 2 rows of track and it would move down one and then go back on the second tap (WHY couldn’t we have that scroll ribbon on the side of the touch screen like the MC Pro?!!? :question:). Only the center of the screen provided ONE TOUCH selection of any track. Otherwise, I’v have to use a pencil eraser like a “stylus.”

I have now determined that the touch screen is out of alignment. If I touch below or to the right of the track/cursor I’m trying to select, then I’ll get the object I was going for. So, I need to figure out how to re-calibrate JUST THAT PAGE, as all the others work just fine.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Press and hold Bank L, Bank R and Nudge R while you power on the unit. – This will put the unit into test mode. – Touch the TFT screen with your finger. This will begin calibration mode.
idontknw why i cant get this exactly sort meout

So, you can’t get the numbers to match, even in this mode? :open_mouth: