MC mix Eucon 3.0... is it better? any problem??


For artist Mix users (euphonix MC mix),
Does anyone installed the latest drivers of Mc mix and use it with cubase7 ?
if so, is it really better in performance? is there more customisation options? or any disfunctions or problem… as it seems to be for protools11 I thought maybe there is no benefit for cubase users…

thank you for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:

I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I just returned my MC Control and got my money back because its glitchiness just drove me crazy. I love the Eucon concept but the implementation leaves much to be desired. If there’s a new version of Eucontrol out there then maybe Avid has cleaned things up.



Did you have an actual Mackie Control Universal or some emulation?

My 3 MCU units work accurately and FLAWLESSLY . .

  • except that it takes me about 30 seconds to get Cubase to recognize them properly after first boot/first project of the day.
    After that - perfect.


it works flawless here: C7/Win7 64bit/Eucon v3.0 with 2x Mix and 1x Transport. I had some crashes before - the network card would simply freeze Cubase. I thought it was Eucon but it turned out it was the Steinberg Ski Remote (for the Cubase iC iPad app). So once I removed the Steinberg Ski (a few weeks ago) - have not have even a single crash!

HughH: I think the OT referred to Avid Artist series, not to Mackie Universal Control. I used to have one of those MCU as well - but I switched to the Avid Artist series and my workflow has improved considerably. Highly recommended.

I think many have had success with the Avid Mix as opposed to the MC Control. The screen flicker drove me nuts ( a known issue) but I could l have lived with it if other things worked well. I never made it to Eucon V.3. Kinda wish I had held on a little longer. I loved the plugin integration. Oh well…


I use and MC Control and Transport.
Eucon 3 and C7 work fine.
I do not notice any performance improvements.
There are no customization improvements. In EucControl, programming soft keys and buttons is the same as previous versions.
There have not been any problems with the update for me.

Hi all, I am on Win7 Ultimate 64Bit and Cubase 7 the latest release. I use an Euphonix Artist Mix and an Euphonix Artist McControl. When I install Eucon 3.0 and after this the Eucon Adapter from SSteinberg Cubase 7 the Setup works ONCE. As soon as I restart cubase and/or the Computer the Controllers do no longer communicate with cubase. Any ideas? It all works fine with EUcon 2.7.1.