MCC121 Controlled Keyboard

This would be fantastic to have an Yamaha made Cubase dedicated controlled keyboard. (25 keys & 49 keys). Sort of same quality as CC121 (I’ve got one).
I already had some other controllers (EDIROL PCR, AKAI 49) and now I own a Novation Impulse but none of them connect so well with Cubase. Automap 4 software is a joke.
Wish one day Yamaha release some sort of controller so we loyal Cubase user can have something seamless integrated with Cubase.

MCC121 Dedicated Controller Keyboard would a good name to start with.

Thank you

You should check out the Nektar Panorama line.

I’ve done it. But it don’t call my attention. I will replace my Novation Impulse just when Steinberg release something dedicated to Cubase/Nuendo only.

Yamaha/Steinberg give us Cubase/Nuendo user a dedicate Controller Keyboard. PLEASE.