McDSP Classic Pack crashes Cubase 10.5 (Solved)

Bought McDSP Classic Pack. Ac101 and CB bank crashes and quits Cubase 10.5 in Mac OS 10.13.6. The same plugins work fine in Reaper.

Nandhu Kartha

It’s the same for me. I have a McDSP subscription and so far most of them have crashed 10.5. No problems before the update.

Just I came to know that Cubase 10.5 is compatible with Mac OS Mohave and Catalina only. Mine is High Sierra. I’ll update the OS soon.

You may want to hold off on the Mojave update.

Upgraded to Catalina last day. After a long research, now I believe that most of my softwares are Catalina supported. Most of them works just fine. However McDSP still crashed Cubase 10.5.10. I contacted McDSP and was replied that their engineering team have managed to fix the problem and are in the process of testing this fix right now. Though they did not gave an ETA, I’m quite happy with their quick reply. So, as of now, I can start using Cubase 10.5, though without McDSP for a short while.

Nandhu Kartha

McDSP 6.7.1 update fixed this issue.