McDSP plugins causing my problems

I could not get one 9.5 project to open, so i tried a blank canvas started adding pligins and as soon as i tried to load McDsp plugins wallop crash central, now they are all loading ok.

sorry i meant to say on Cubase 10

Yes I can confirm, McDSP makes Cubase 10 crash.
(running Win 10)

same here… can’t neither open existing projects nor insert McDSP plugs in new projects… No problems with Cubase 9.5 Pro tho…

Having similar problems here with Nuendo 10. McDSP ML4000 is one of my fave plugs but I have to skip for now because N10 crashes with it more often than not. Particularly when exporting or exiting. Would really love for Colin to update his plugs and ensure stability.

Have you updated to last versions?
No problems here with McDSP

Same here

For me they work fine when am mixing but i soon i try to use them in Direct offline processing it crashes Cubase pro 10 on windows pro 7

Just receive an emal from McDSP support the issues have been resolved fix will be available in the next update in a few weeks

The issue remain in latest 6.6 McDSP
My solution : JBridge

Try this,
If you have soundtoys… (only tried this with soundtoys), load filterfreak in the control room section of plugins (this way it’ll load in any project you start), turn it off (no cpu usage). restart cubase. Make sure filterfreak is there (turned off). Load McDSP.
Works for me … don’t know why.

Same here. Updated to McDSP v6.6, and Cubase and Nuendo blacklists them all. BOTH VST2 and VST3.

I switched back to an earlier version of their plugins and it’s ok. Still alittle shaky, but at least they work.

I’ve already sent an inquiry to McDSP, still waiting for their reply.

I have the same problem cubase 10 cannot scan my McDSP. I don’t why because when opened on my iLok manager the plug-in is already there it means is ready to use.
Any solution so far?

Hi !
This must be a windows 10 problem i m on windows 7 pro and all my McDSP 6.6 plug ins work great no crash and know they work great in Direct offline processing.

Windows 10 Pro 1809… All my McDSP plugins are suddenly blacklisted in both C9.5 and C10

I still have problems with mcdsp 6.6.1 and cover 10.5 crash. I hope steinberg and those of MCDSP solve this problem

McDsp doesn’t work on 64bit … use Jbridge convert 32bit to 64bit so it can be used in Cubase 10