MCU Functions Expanded in 7.5

No. I noticed things had changed when I first booted 7.5 and just started pushing buttons.
The manual was slightly inaccurate BEFORE the changes.
Now it’s a mess.

Shift for me is “undo” now. I’m using a mackie control emulation in Lemur

The data ist stored in:

There are the XMLs of the Remote Control Editor .

I wish that Steinberg make extended use of the RCE .
Hopefully they make the controls under Generic Remote available (not just the 8 VSTi Quickcontrols) .
I don´t like the RCE Mackie Control Integration , it is´t very handy (too much buttons to press).
My personal Idea would be a Editor Window focused Remote Control Editor page switch.
For example you have a VSTi Editor Window in front (focused) the controller would automatically assign the releated RCE Page.
Then if you switch to a insertplugin editor focus the controls switch automatically to that RCE Page.
That would be a livesaver for me :smiley: .
Then they just have to program a lock button to lock the controls to the last plugin that was focused, so any new plugineditor in focus didn´t switch the controls any more.

Then a control dream would come true :slight_smile:

If anyone from Steinberg is reading this, please post a basic list of Mackie functions in 7.5? I wish I had a few hours to kill to discover everything, but in this day and age there really isn’t a reason not to have this stuff documented. Thanks!


It doesn’t have to be a swish pdf document; perfect in its presentation. Just a table of features and key commands.

Parlanchin :slight_smile:

+1 on the new function explained !

+1 ^ That would be very helpful and should be very easy for them to generate in PDF format.

Provided they have it written down somewhere…

I reiterate: a table of features and key commands in a rough format (.txt, excel…) would suffice.


If anyone wishes to go back to the old behavior (pre 7.5) it’s very easy to do so with just a few mouse clicks.

Look at post #2.
This thread is for the Qcon, but the OP here HughH, has confirmed the Mackie goes back to the old state as well.

A quick note . .

For those using an actual MCU Pro or XT Pro version 4.0 or higher there is a firmware update available to v 4.03.

Ran across it by accident searching for something else.

It’s supposed to improve/smooth fader operation and a couple other things.
Edit: Wow! Updated all 3 of my units and it DEFINITLY smooths fader operation. Like you oiled them or something . . .

Don’t you love it when a company continues to improve a product that already ROCKS?
RME comes to mind, also . . . .

And, OH! Wait!


THANK YOU!!! This worked to get my banks back in my Lemur template!

so is it safe to say that the MCU pro’s are working well with C7.5 Hugh ?

Yes of course!

More than just an affirming “yes”.

I’m loving it. Turning “monitor” on and off for channels. Tweaking things in the channels strip - which I mentioned somewhere else I’m using a lot more now that it’s so easy . . it was soo tiny before for the mouse.
Also using quick controls more - for VSTis and other - Shift/Master gets me there in a flash.
It goes on . .

Damn . . . I’m sounding like Freddie H here . . . without the emoticons . .

Love ya, Freddie.


one question thou Hugh ,is this just the MCU pro or does this include the older MCU

Got to love freddy lol

I only have the new ones, Pro and 2 XTs . . but all the reports I have are the functions work with ALL Mackie Control Units including some emulations.
I don’t think the core Mackie Control Protocol has changed much in years . . could be wrong, but . .


unless I’m thinking about something else, you were able to enable and disable track monitoring by depressing the rotary pan encoder. This was prior to this change in 7.5

If true, I was not aware of it.
You can revert to what I think were the old functions by selecting “compatibility” Mode on the MCU Panel accessible under the “Devices” menu.


Oh, It’s true. :smiley:
“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle” “Geeee Iiiiiii Jooooooooo!”
Just trying to add what I can to this convo! :sunglasses: