MCU Functions Expanded in 7.5

I’m thrilled.

The entire built in strip is available.
Most input settings (input/output bus, gain, phase)
Monitor per channel on/off.
All 4 cue mixes.

Since they used what were the “page” buttons for new functions the “channel” buttons beneath the “Bank” buttons now step through multi page menus.

Fader group buttons work great with this generic remote setup . . .

. . . though you have to modify it a bit for “visibility configuration” now. It actually gives you MORE flexibility since you can use some of them - if you like - them for other functions now - not locked to 8 fader banks.

Focus/Key Command thing is not fixed but now - since you have separate visibility settings in Project AND Mixer - it makes a bit more sense . .


I ran across an “issue report” about how MCU functions have been screwed up in 7.5.
Not at All! They are much improved on my system!

So I thought I’d re-post my reply over there just in case anyone was having the same issues (or thought they were).

New Stuff:

  1. The channel buttons are now “page” buttons for multi page menus (used to be the top leftmost 2 buttons, but those now have new functions).
    If you use “shift” with the bank buttons they alternate between Band and Channel jumps.

  2. EQ page has changed for the better. Everything on 8 knobs. Push first knob to Alternate between Freq and Q - Push gain knob to turn band on and off. Brilliant.

  3. FX sends are now accessed with what used to be the “Page Up” button - the one on the top right (of the six upper left). Depending on how many (if any) extenders you have you can page through Level, on/off, Pre/Post with (what was) the “channel” buttons.
    Shift press on the same button (old “page up”) gives you "“send 1” for all channels - and with subsequent shift presses you toggle through all 8.

  4. The “send” button down near the Read/Write buttons allows you to tweak the effects - but shift press this same button allows setting the Cue mix levels for each channel - again, subsequent shift presses toggles through each of the 4 cue mixes.

  5. The bottom right of those 6 upper left buttons (used to be sends, I think) now allows complete control of the built in “strip” effects. The left knob (#1) scrolls through the effects. Knob 2 bypasses. Knob 3 chooses the Processor (like vintage, tube, etc). Then page 2 (using the old channel buttons) brings up all the controls for the selected unit.

  6. The “Bank Select” buttons have no function as is - but this Generic Remote setup . . .
    . . . works better than dedicated fader bank because you can assign anything if you only want - say - 4 banks available.
    You’ll need to alter the commands in the XML file to match the new function name - this can be done right on the Devices/Generic Remote page in Cubase - I have it working excellent in both the Project and Mix Console windows. It works on whichever window has focus.

  7. The upper right button (of the 6 - used to be page down) now controls input/output bus, gain, and phase as well as “monitor” status for all channels. Use the old “channel” buttons to page through functions. I also noticed it will hold the selected page when you come back to it (like “monitor”, for me).

Ther’s more and I’ve probably missed some stuff but . . .
Kudos to SB for this functionality. I’m lovin it!


nice post HughH

I just got an MCU and just upgraded to 7.5. Any advice on learning the basic ins and outs of the MCU with Cubase? I’ll start with the Cubase manual.

The Cubase Manual is fairly out of date at this point.
Things have greatly improved.

But it might give you the concept of the thing. Some new functions are also listed above.
After you get the basic idea of operation set up a fake project and start pushing buttons . . .!

I’m still discovering new stuff like Quick Controls (Shift/Master Effects or Shift/Inserts).
Alternate EQ and PAN layouts (Shift plus EQ or Pan).

Any one runs across something new don’t hesitate to share.

Someday we might get a Cubase/MCU manual update.
Don’t hold your breath - they have a lot of manuals to write . .


Thanks for all the info. :sunglasses:

Question: if you are an a PC, can you still bank around and use the mcu to command cubase when viewing the computer desktop ( cubase not on screen)?

Yes, I can.

Cubase can be in the background - or not even visible - and all commands still work.


Thanks Hugh.

Did anyone of you use a second controller beside the mcu like me?

I use a BCR2000 for channel EQs in 14Bit precision on frequency range.
BCR2000 offers 4 speeds for the encoders, so you can slow tun the encoder and go in Hz steps or turn real fast and use it as an FX for example.

I use a part of the BCR2000 for Control Room, Zoom, scrub (better than MCU scrub) and other functions.
Link is in my signature , sorry only in german.

Thanks. You are a genius.

Does anyone know how I could assign the two “move to next/last track buttons” to move through the different track visibility configurations… Please.

Many thanks

Thanks for the generic remote but, I STILL NEED MY BANK BUTTONS BACK!

OK, for Cubase 7.5 there is a chance to get the mix Console Presets through the Fader Bank Buttons on the MCU.
It is another function in the Generic Remote as in C7.

You just have to add a generic remote under remote devices and import my xml for 7.5.
Then you connect just the midi input with the macke control midi input device.
There you go!

Only problem is the window focus!
The Mix Console Window must be in Focus to control the presets with the fader bank buttons.
Please Steinberg make this function not window focused!

I know about visibility presets and the generic remote, I already have them programmed however, this has nothing to to do with the lost MCU “bank” functionality.

Yes! Except now there are Project Window Presets, also.
Those same commands control either window depending on focus.

Seems like maybe they need to make separate commands for the Mix and Project windows - that way, on the MCU (or with key commands) one could choose which one to control . . . or maybe use 4 buttons for the Mix Console and 4 for the Project . . whatever floats your boat.

Of course, the focus issue still needs to be fixed.
But it really can’t be fixed without losing one window’s key commands until they separate them (add separate commands).
I also noticed that "sync project and Mix . . " in the configuration options does not apply to the presets (EDIT): Wrong. It does work. Not sure why I thought that. - only to tracks clicked under the visibility tab.


You know if you use “shift” with the bank buttons they will be bank buttons again.
“Shift” again while pressing them makes them “Channel” (one at a time) buttons.

I think - with all the new functions - they ran out of buttons . . .
Had to have “page” buttons somewhere, so they stole the “channel” buttons for that.

Personally I’m more than fine with it.


Personally I’m more than fine with it.

Me too!

^Me too. Finally have pretty decent functionality back with my MCU and extenders. Anyone know how one would go about getting a professional looking overlay for the MCU with the updated features?

If somebody has excellent graphics design skills there are services . . .

. . etc.

If a number of us wanted them it would reduce the cost, perhaps.

Google “cutting custom paper overlays”
is what I did.


Where did you learn of all the changes? Is it in the manual?

On a related note, since many of us spend hours setting up the customized Remote Control Editor for each plug in, (I don’t like the defaults) does anyone know where this data is stored?

I looked on my 3 page list of places where Steinberg stores stuff, and nothing is mentioned about the Remote Control editor.

When my C drive crashes and I have to install Cubase on a new drive I want to be able to retrieve this from my external back up drive, but I don’t know where it’s located.

I’m on Windows 7. Thank you!