MCU Remote: Anyone know of a virtual LCD like BCFView?

BCFview is perfect but problem is you have to have a BCF connected to make it work so Im looking for a virtual LCD that will register the vpot addresses etc
Im on pc but LC XView would have been great (for PC)

I’ve never tried it, but there is potentially this:

Project Home Page:

I must be in newb mode…seems very linuxy…cant actually see windows resources?

I’ve never used it, had just read about it some time ago.

But I thought you have to send Midi Sysex to MCU displays? So not related to Windows resources?

EDIT: Also I think it’s a one way street: Midi to the display, no control possibel through the display.

The idea would be to pair it with a MCU capable controller that doesn’t have a display.

And then you configure Cubase to listen to the hardware midi controller, but to (also) to send to this program via loopmidi or similar midi loopback program.

At least that’s how I remember it being described when I head about it.

Yep it uses the sent sysex from mcu remote in Cubase but I cant see an exe or anything that I would use in windows…says it connects to jack midi. Ill check it out if I can find an easier option…BCFView was just java I think

Thats the way BCFView seems to work.

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Just found this one (quite old, but at least is has an .exe)

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^ This is the one I use, it works great and has a great level of translation as part of the emulator too - but you can just use it to receive an input from Cubase as a screen only. Via virtual port of course.

There’s also the MCU Screens that are part of BC Manager which is the alternative setup tool for BCF/BCR’s:-

It’s a little confusing at first, but basically you need to enable the ports you want to use via the Options > MIDI Device menu.

Then, You setup the displays here (Select the enabled MIDI Port, display size etc.):-

And then view them from here:-


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That’s because they’re ROCK’N ROLLER :wink:

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Some Feedback;

Mountains utils is quite convoluted but absolute overkill and not very aesthetic…prob good enough for testing.

MCU Emulator is really good, sizing, aesthetic etc…except I have tried for over half an hour and there seems no response. Its fairly simple to setup but with a BCF…doesnt seem to work…but might be operator error…just me: it does have a good manual.

EDIT: Needs the C++ updates to work

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MCU Emulator i’ve used a lot, have you got the virtual ports setup and running in the right direction? By no response, do you mean nothing on the virtual screen?

I added an EDIT at the bottom of my post

It absolutely needed the C++ updates, then it worked great