MCU with Faderport 16 - odd characters on left display

I have a Faderport 16 which I’m using with Cubase 10 Pro. When I start Cubase The lefthand display on the FP shows a couple of additional characters on the third line - these are `` Has anyone else had the same problem? The characters aren’t there before I run Cubase so I’m pretty sure they’re being sent by Cubase. The same problem occured with Cubase 9.5 as well.



I don’t own Faderport 16, but I know Mackie Control protocol very well.

As I can see on the pictures, Faderport 16 shows the Pan level in the 3rd line of the displays. So in fact it shows the V-Pot meters values (by default, these show the Pan). On the original MCU device, there are a rings around the rotary knobs, which display the Pan value. Question is, how does Faderport translates this MIDI message to the display. Btw, on the original MCU device, you can also set different way of the rings behaviour. You can set 0 to the centre, or to the left, or you can set how the ring will be filled in. Can you do some of the settings on Faderport 16? Could you please attach a picture how does it look like on your side?

I have the same problem but i think is a glitch is not big problem. the biggest problem is that i can’t assing new commands, other than than mu faderport is almost prefect.