mdeiabay = insert between locators ?


i see in the MEDIBAY the function insert into project at left locator.
but i would like to insert into project between locators… does this exist ?
or i try logical editor :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a “fill range” (or something like that) function.
Not from Mediabay though, from the pool if I am not mistaking.
Not after my machine right now …


But isn’t"fill range" for automations only ?

i did a macro like that (when mediabay is open and active and i have a sound selected) :
Media - Insert into project at left locator
Transport - Go to left locator
Media - Open Mediabay (that actually close it else the rest goes wrong)
Edit - Select Events under cursor
Transport - Go to right locator
Edit - Split at Cursor
Edit - Delete (problem if the sound is shorter than range then left part is deleted)
Transport - Play selection range (this command does not work for some reason)
Media - open mediabay (to keep working)

it’s not ideal…
works for long ambiances i need to drop in a range fast.