Me Want Me Want Me Want

Love it !!!

now do I go for the pre installed 61sl mk11 or the kit ???

Thats really fascinating.

well if the project works and it looks like it might make it ,then we could be on for a complete new keyboard revolution :wink:

Complete assignable CC controls to each key on your keyboard … im all over that like a bad rash :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very very kool!

Nice, the idea is not new though.
I like the DIY kit, but it’s too expensive atm.

Touch sensitivity is part of MIDI from the '70’s. My old DX7 has it. Did I miss the point?

I think so. Your old DX has velocity for ex but not aftertouch as I recall… You could add to any keyboard with space for the components. The manner of control is different than aftertouch or velocity because you could change control by moving your fingers up and down the key; realtime continous control. This is how Kontakts onscreen key guages velocity (others too Im sure). You could set each keys parameters such as pan. Big step for those willing to tweak and new life for old keys such as your DX

completely different as you say M you can control just about any parameter stroking the key up and down it’s length and also across the key from left to right so the amount of control you can get from one key is amazing ,you can do anything like this with aftertouch either

Ah I see. My old DX7 does indeed have Aftertouch, but not “side touch” nor “up and down the key touch”. I used to use the aftertouch to control vibrato.

My Roland A-50 has poly AT, but I rarely use it. This is an interesting idea especially for live work, but I don’t see myself getting into it. Still, its :sunglasses: