Meaning of all programnames in Symphonic VST?

Is there is list of explanations of the meaning of all the soundnames in the VST symphonic
There are 4 instrumentfamilies …so let me start with the strings

  • Double bass solo combi --> combi?
  • " " " staccato alt --> alt ?
  • "        "      +  violincelli octave --> vilincelli ?  ..octave ?
  • " " " unisono–> unisono ?

ensemble legato pad --> ensemble ? … pad ?

Some to start with…
Is there someone who knows what this exactly musical means ?

In general… this soundset is not documented as i see with other soundsets
I ask for this to Steinberg Support, but on other questions i did not get a answer yet

Well i found answers in the HSO manual about questions for the Halion SE by me !!
For instance: Double bass solo combi --> combi? = Combi programs combine a useful set of articulations within one program :bulb:
That is valuable info…because now i can see in Halion Se what sounds have more than one articulations
It seems to me neccessary…