Meaning of edge decorations in Pages Panel

I have seen something about this somewhere, but I can’t recall where and I cannot find it in the manual. What is the meaning of the coloured edge decorations on some pages in the Pages Panel?


See here.

Incidentally, how/where were you looking in the manual? I’m interested where you expected to find it, on the page about the Pages panel?

Yes, looking under Pages Panel. You would have to know that the meaning is about page formatting changes to look there!

Thanks - I knew I had seen this sometime in the past. A really useful feature by the way.

Good to know, thanks. Hopefully this sentence in the description of the Pages section points people in the right direction:

Markings in page corners or on page edges indicate page format changes.

(searching “coloured edge” brings up the relevant page near the top as well.)

For some reason there isn’t a related link to Page format changes, which I will add.