Measure bar : using two different bar


sorry for my bad english, musical’s terms are not the same in french. I do my best !

Is it possible to use two different bar for one measure ? This is for french drum marching.

I have one “block”. In this block there are two musical phrases which make one big “phrase”. I have the first phrase on one page, and I want to finish it with a Final bar. And the second phrase begin on the other page with a repeat open bar. I can’t use this two bars in the same time : I have a Final bar or a repeat bar.

Is there a solution to use the two bars in the same time ?

Thank you very much !

haquel, for this you would want to start a second flow.

And do not be afraid to ask your questions in French. There are plenty of people who can translate for those of us who cannot understand Google Translate’s terminology or can even answer you themselves in French.
via Google Translate:

Et n’ayez pas peur de poser vos questions en français. Il y a beaucoup de gens qui peuvent traduire pour ceux d’entre nous qui ne comprennent pas la terminologie de Google Translate ou qui peuvent même vous répondre eux-mêmes en français.

@dankreider and @Derrek : Thank you very much. Create a new flow is not intereting for me, because I don’t know how it will be be. I need to use engrave mode to ajust the score

Other users on French facebook page give me this other idea. That work great !3