measure number anomaly (bug?) and FR

This occurs when inputting a double bar or a dotted barline in the middle of a measure.

In Galley view, both halves of the measure have the same bar number (expected behavior).

In Page view, the two half-bars are counted separately.

Easily corrected with a bar number change, but something to watch out for.

Also, it would be nice if “Go to page” would accept the defined page number rather than the actual page number. For example, if I have a flow that starts at page 195 and want to get to page 302, I have to enter 106 (rather than 302).

It’s not working that way for me. The bar numbers display correctly in both views.

Definitely reproducible on my machine.

In a new project?

Yes, but I wonder if the fact that the start of the flow has a bar number change (the flow starts on bar 1,402) has anything to do with it.
I tried it on a new flow and it worked as expected.