Measure number collision with bracket [SOLVED]

Dear Dorico Team,

I just noticed a problem with measure numbers colliding with brackets. I also chose to hide bar numbers at rehearsal marks, but as mentioned in another post, if those bars happen to land on a new system then the bar number will be shown regardless. I was able to fix by moving all the offending measure numbers to the right. I then decided to “white out” the bar numbers at rehearsal marks by setting the color to white - in effect hiding them. Is there something I could have done differently to avoid the collisions in the first place?

I think the real problem here is that the drawing of the brackets doesn’t take into account the fact that the top and/or bottom staff in the system uses a single line, so really the bracket extends too far above and below. There’s no good way to change this, unfortunately. I think the best thing you can do for now is set the option to make bar numbers at the start of the system positioned to the right of the clef, which will cause the bar number to be hidden in the presence of the rehearsal mark.

Daniel - this worked perfectly! Thank you. As I am starting to do bigger projects, this will help. :smiley: