Measure Number Inconsistencies

Hi dev team:
Is this intended behavior? My measure numbers are not even at all. I know there is an option to force that and I have it turned off; the issue is that the first bar number (38) doesn’t avoid the brackets at the front of the stave, yet the very next barline they avoid a stem just fine. Is this a bug?

Here’s another thing:
When you have a rehearsal mark as measure number for the “sequence type” and the measure number still displays and collides with the vocal brackets.

There is no collision avoidance for the preamble, so the bar number at the start of the system cannot avoid the clef because it can’t “see” it. This is not a bug, because the program’s not designed to perform collision avoidance in that area, but naturally we do not rule out introducing collision avoidance there in the future.

I can’t tell from a picture why the bar number in bar 38 is higher than the bar number in 39. I’d need to see the project itself to be able to make that determination.

As for hiding the bar number at the rehearsal mark, if you set the bar number to appear to the right of the clef and key signature it would be hidden there, but if the bar number is not actually going to collide with the rehearsal mark, then it won’t be hidden.