Measure number mismatch conundrum - SOLVED

i have a file consisting of one flow (piano score) that, at this point, comprises 3490 measures. when i send this file to a friend and he opens the file, the further we go into the file the more there is a mismatch between what he sees in a particular measure and what i’m seeing. i’m having trouble trying to figure out why this is happening. has any one else seen this? it’s very bizarre. see attached screen shot.

turns out to have been a Dorico versioning issue. When my friend upgraded his version of Dorico (from 2.0 to 2.2.20), this problem vanished.

so i never was able to find out where in the score this mismatch actually occurred. glad it’s gone though.

Have you identified where the measure numbers get off track? Are you both running the same builder? (2.2.20 for instance)

i know it happens somewhere after 600 but we didn’t have time to track it down (yet).

i’m finding out his Dorico version and platform information. unclear how this would cause such a weird problem… but you never know.


Is it possible that you accidentally deleted some bar lines after you sent out the file? Or is it possible that your friend accidentally inserted some additional bar lines on his copy? Either of these would cause the measure numbers to be lower on your machine.

If you haven’t done so already, suggest your friend send his copy back to you and then you compare his copy vs. yours on your machine. If they are different on your machine, then one of you must have mistakenly changed the file. If they are identical on your machine, then suggest you zip 'em up and send 'em to Daniel.

no. i sent him various files with naming differences. no manipulation on his part - just open the file and navigate to a particular measure. that’s when we noticed things weren’t kosher.

but having him just send the file back might be interesting.