Measure Numbers Displacing Dynamics

Hello all!

I’m experiencing a hangup that I can’t seem to fix.

On my scores, I always have measure numbers along the very bottom staff. In most cases it is the tuba line. Unfortunately, no matter how much space I put in the vertical spacing area of the layout options, the dynamics for that bottom line are pushed down and refuse to ‘pop’ above the numbers so they can be below the staff where they belong.

I can set the vertical placement, ‘Minimum Distance from Staff’ to 20 spaces and the dynamics are just pushed lower and lower…always below the measure numbers.

Any thing that I’m missing to have my dynamics above the numbers where they belong???


In the first 4 bars, the hairpin apparently extends further than the ff in bar 4 so Dorico is showing two separate lines of dynamics.

You might have the same problem in bar 12 as well, but it’s not so obvious just from a picture.

The other staves are presumably OK and the hairpins don’t overlap the other dynamic marks.

Actually, Rob, efg means that dynamics will go almost invariably under bar numbers when they’re set up that way, even when specifying huge vertical offsets by default. I’ve experienced this in the past as well. (Damn it, I’ve had to search my own posts for this thread, and I now just realize I never found the time to circle back to this.) As you can see from Daniel’s reaction, this is something that apparently can’t be reliably reproduced in all setups, so it might be a specific interaction going badly…

Edit - I just took a few minutes to go back to the old project where this flared up, created in Dorico 2.0. The two issues that motivated my thread seem to be fixed…

It is indeed the hairpin that is making the jump happen to below the numbers.

While experimenting, I unlinked the dynamics so i could re-enter them onto the tuba line. The mf and ff went in and stayed where they belong, but as soon as I enter the hairpin…boom! Below the numbers again. I tried all size and length of hairpins, attaching them to different notes and etc., but the addition of that shape in any way causes the problem.