measure repeat notation

does there exist a way to notate repeated measures?
measure repeat.PNG

has this been discussed already? (couldn’t find anything searching the forum or documentation)

Not that I recall, but it isn’t possible (yet). I’m sure you can engineer a workaround using text, copy from here and paste using the font Bravura text.

Hope that’ll be implemented sooner, rather than later. Seems a pretty basic notation device. And good luck to anyone attempting to notate (or read/perform) a Phil Glass piece or such …

workaround using text, copy and paste

thanks, but not too useful at this point (doesn’t replace the content of the bar, or if used in a blank bar, then no playback of content, etc., plus, it seems text items can only be attached to notes or rests in those positions, either above or below …)
I’m afraid we’ll need the real thing eventually.