Measure & time signature wont add ( keeps deleted original t.s. )

Time signature doesn’t change measure inherit ( I guess ) 3/4 time signature .
Deleting won’t help, adding values to time signature wont help. Its always 3/4 instead of 7/4 fpr example…
Thanks for any idea.
Cheers - Rami.

If you mean when you input a new time signature in the bar before an existing time signature, Dorico doesn’t add more beats – that’s true, if Insert mode isn’t active. Activate Insert mode and then change the time signature.

For reference, this is mentioned in the topic about inputting time signatures, in the introduction to time signatures, and on the page about Insert mode.

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Thanks very much for your input - I’ll look into it.
Bests - Rami.

:slight_smile: It moved the rest of the music one quarter ahead :slight_smile: I realized had to turn the Insert mode to off :slight_smile: hilarious :slight_smile: But thanks again - it worked :slight_smile: .