Measuring input levels; monitoring latency

Is there a way to read pre-fader recorded levels AFTER a recording is finished? Bringing up the mixer during playback is clearly showing post-fader levels (as I understand the terms) because adjusting the fader changes the meter and max db readings. I’d like to be able to meter/read levels pre-fader but can’t find a setting or menu option to turn this type of metering on and off.

Also…is there a constant adjustment to make for monitoring recording using the Tascam us-1800 through Cubase LE? For my setup: I’m recording drums over an mp3 track. I have 8 mono tracks pointing to their respective mic input buses. I also have a single stereo track into which I’ve imported the mp3. After recording the drums, there is serious latency between them and the song. With trial and error I can line up the song with the drums in the inspector window, but I was wondering if there was a known amount of latency adjustment I can enter into the VST Devices dialog to get closer. I’ve fiddled a bit, but trial and error seems inefficient. Thanks for any insights.



I am not sure why you would want to meter the Pre-Fader level of recorded audio, but you can use something like Voxengo SPAN which is a free real-time spectrum analyzer plug in. Put it in one of the insert effects slots. They are pre-fader. Or basically you can use any other insert effect that has an Output meter. Just set the effect to 100% dry.

As far as the recording latency, you need to be more specific about your version of Cubase.

You could try lowering your latency/buffer setting while recording and raising it back up while mixing. Kind of a sucky workaround, but it might work. Also, don’t monitor your playing through Cubase (speaker button on track) if you can monitor through your interface, most of which offer zero-latency monitoring now a days.

switch the meters to input.