measuring milliseconds ??

Are the numbers here milliseconds or are they possibly lower (whatever that is called…)? (sorry you have to click on external link, this forum refuses to show it since its too wide). Link is safe.

This is zoomed in as far as it goes, Cubase is set to show seconds.

I’m trying to figure out the ms difference here, hoping its close to 1ms in the pic and not as much as 9ms… it shows two drum sounds triggered at the same time.

Many thanks for any help, and yes i do suck at math and measurements :laughing:


The steps you can see on the waveform are single samples. So if your project is 44.1kHz, the step is 1/44100 sec.

I don’t know, what kind of Main Ruler did you set. If it’s Seconds, then you can see the delta is around 0.87ms, so less then 1ms.

Ah many thanks its set to seconds and this should be 44.1khz, so 0.87 it is then. Very good to know, was a bit worried i had 9ms of latency.