Media bay 1.1.30 issue

Cubase is one of those things that when it works is a joy, but when it goes doolally, it does it in a royal fashion. Hold fire, as I do believe you will get it fixed. I had a 4-day reinstallation issue last year (almost lost my marbles). A number of hours were spent here searching for support, but in the end as became glaringly obvious I had to work it out myself. I got no support from our guys here, but to their credit it can be quite hard to diagnose some more intricate issues remotely. Especially when people are using such a wide variety of setups and softwares. They have been helpful in a number of other instances though, so I can’t grumble. For now I have rolled back to the previous version as apart from the mediabay, there are no major changes. Even with the additional sound content (which I do not own), it just ignores them. Whilst I agree it is an inconvenience, I don’t want to jeopardise any other functionality so will see if we get a GA update in the next week or so. Hopefully they will come through for us. Good thing is it seems to be affecting a number of users, so that should also work in our favour.

“I got no support from the guys here” It’s very unfortunate but it’s well known that the official Steinberg forum is the worst place for support for Steinberg problems. It’s fine if you want to be patronized from clearly insecure yet egoistic user’s. Maybe try some of the FB groups which still have attentive admin that won’t put up with the nastiness that seems the normal here. May I suggest Cubase pro or Cubase users for help from people that genuinely want to help with your Cubase problems. I will just add, maybe Steinberg should be addressing the problems within this forum.

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Hi everyone,

I am not the representative of the MediaBay but I can assure your the MediaBay Team is aware of these issues are they are working on fixing them.

I regret my message was received as such but please do not tag staff member on this forum unless they were part of the ongoing discussion. Staff members who scan the forum regularly know whether they can be of any help for a specific topic or if they cannot. In this case, I am of absolutely no help when it comes to MediaBay. Why are we asking you to do so? We are part of the development team and not the support team. We want to spend our time effectively on making new features and fixing bugs, not provide support for any request on the forum. Picture that, you log onto the forum and you get several notifications for domains and features you are not involved in. This is not effective workflow for anybody and does not help improving the quality and support behind our software. The time we spend on crawling the forum is also time we don’t spend on fixing things, a healthy balance has to be found between both. I hope this clarifies the purpose behind my message. There was no other intent behind my message.



Thanks for the update and further insight @Armand

Good to read here, for those keen on MediaBay news/progress…

Generally speaking though, I’m hopeful these recent posts and engagement from SB staff here on the forum, continues - just to know topics are being read and the internal teams made aware, counts for so much.!

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I’ve got the same issue with GA5 - in fact the issue seems to be with the same kits Puli shows above - however in my case (on a Mac) I can load the kits OK, they’re just indicated as missing…

In an effort to fix issues with mediabay (it’s been a dog for years and needs work - lets be honest here) I deleted the database & associated folders in preferences and left to rebuild overnight.

It’s now done that and my samples database has been rebuilt. However, where is the database now???

The large mediabay database that used to be in the preferences folder is no longer there. It’s got to be somewhere…

OK so its re-appeared after several restarts, but its tiny - 200MB as opposed to 3+GB???

Thanks for the clarification and confirmation , it would of saved me sooooooo much time yesterday if you had just mentioned this in the message .
The reason i tagged you is because you are the main Steinberg face of the forum and how I’m i meant to know who’s area it is or isn’t .
This was an unconfirmed issue which i personally felt deserved some acknowledgement , now it has been confirmed we can now all stop messing with our systems and potentially causing more issues

Thanks for the confirmation

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The price of fame! :smiley: In the end there is a vast majority of topics I don’t even click on because they are not connected to my own expertise and range of actions.

I am happy I could clarify the intent of my message. In any case, feel free to mention me when I was taking active part in a thread to send me new info, crashlogs and so on. This is absolutely no issue and welcomed. This is likely my last message in this thread now :wink:

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OK - so the mediabay3.db file now resides in the Steinberg Mediabay Server folder, and not the Cubase Preferences folder as it always used to do.
Has having 2 copies of this file - 1 in each location as the old one wasn’t removed, been causing issues?

Also a note for Mac Sonoma users - there’s something weird going on with Cubase preferences, as if they’re getting written to a temporary location as well as the usual Preferences folders.
If you delete your preferences folder, Cubase restarts and automatically still has many of your custom settings still - key commands, I/O, project templates etc!
And if you try and rebuild the database file its nowhere to be seen until you do a Mac restart - then it appears in the new Mediabay Server folder.

Quick thought - do you still have older versions of Cubase installed on the same system.? Might have some implications (database file location) if you want to continue to keep them active…

Halion and Groove Agent seem to need a little bit of time to ‘finish’ after you close them down. I’ve run into just random new presets I’ve made not showing up after exporting and moving them to the proper library folders, and sometimes its take a couple rebuilds of the database for it to ‘wake up’. Just like fixing this issue with GA, I had to delete the database and then let Halion rebuild it before opening Groove Agent, and after that Groove Agent caught up and ‘fixed itself’.

Last time I ran through this, I immediately deleted the database after closing Halion, a few seconds later its like it finished writing whatever it had in memory to disk and there was my folder right back again, seconds after I deleted it. Now whenever I have to do ‘database maintenance’, I give it a couple minutes after shutting down the app before I delete the pref folders.

Two copies might be causing issues too. Doesn’t the first launch of Cubase pull your settings from the previous version if it’s installed? I don’t seem to remember having to re-set things up like key commands and prefs going from 11 to 12, 12 to 13… Even my MIDI device panels were intact IIRC.