Media Bay: Align Beats To Project

Can anybody tell us how to get the sample in the Media Bay preview to play back in sync with the project?

There used to be a button called: Align Beats To Project.

There is now a ‘Link Playback To Chord Track’ button but this does not get the sample in sync with the project. We are not using a chord track anyway.

Mystified oh so mystified. :smiley:

There’s a button at the bottom right side of the media bay… right in the previewer window. (set of 3 buttons, the middle one)

If you hover your mouse over it, it should say " Align beats to project"

Hope this helps!

Thank you.

I have it now.

Last night it was not there! Honest! :slight_smile:

I haven’t figured out how to route Mediabay so I can hear the sounds when auditioning them…

Disable control room does the trick for me. The button is located on the left/middle of the media bay window…