Media bay and library import

I wonder if there is a possibility to make a sound library seen in the Media bay with proper naming if there are only the audio clips and the corresponding .csv list available.
This is a rather old library w/o any metadata…

Hm… I don’t know of a way to actually use the csv with the files.

Would it be useful to include the sample directory in Mediabay, and then manually tag it? It might make sense if the files have descriptive names. by sorting and multiple selection…

That’s what the “rename events from list” function does.
Nuendo 11 manual, page 225.

Good luck!


Hello Fredo… Great,… we are still kickin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well, here we have 30 audio CDs of an old library with no meta data and the mentioned .csv. Renaming with the nuendo tool might be worth trying. But if it turns out to be somewhat of an ordeal I see myself keep using its stupid search engine . Keeps the fingers busy… LOL. Cheers, Dude… :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

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Sometimes I use " Ant Renamer" (also availabe as portable app) for renaming tasks.
It can also rename Files with names from a list. Not a “mediabay Metadata” solution, but maybe renaming the files will do the trick as well?