Media Bay - Another Question

Aprt from not getting mt head around it all all
Why does it insist on scanning my hard drives every time I launch it
I dont like it doing this as Im sure its been the cause of a number
of needless crashes.Ive left it on all night many times but it always does the same
thing on relaunch

Sorry aout the questions bt this time Im determined to to try and stick to using Cubase
I have been on and ff in the past becasue its just seems so awkward to work at times

ALl I really want to do with media bay is have it point to my samples drive every time I launch it. But that

is not the case. I have to go through every menu and sub menu until I reach the samples drive as the whole thing scanning everything. see no way to turn it off and make it remember where my samples are

I dont ever search for sounds like the way its intended which was definitely written for the purposes of post film music guys and not your regular musicians

APologies for what is after all a mild rant :open_mouth:

Apology accepted. You can select which folders Media Bay includes in it’s scan. Deselect everything but your samples. Refer to the manual for more details.