Media Bay Audio Insert into Project

Apart from drag and drop I cannot seem to change the way Cubase imports a piece of audio from Media Bay. It creates a new audio track, inserts the audio at left locator on a double clck

Would love to be able to set a preference that could ‘insert file at right left/right locator on selected track’

or perhaps ‘insert audio at play position’ on selected track.

Cant find anything on preferences, or in the manual on this.

Drag and drop minimises both windows and moves the things around, media window wont go to my second monitor.

is there an easier way of working than how I’m currently doing this?

So I’ve had a play about, and have floated the main window, so I can then have a new workspace set to show Arrange, Media, and Sample Editor pages

This seems to work ok, does anyone have a better way of working?

I use 2 monitors so the bit you see to immediate right is actually part of whats on monitor 2 (stretched desktop)

but the features mentioned in OP would be welcome if included

There are many things I don’t use in Cubase simply because I have forgotten about them. Workspaces is one of them. So thank you for reminding me :slight_smile:

I also like the way you have set out the windows. Nice one.

I find the one in the screenshot particularly speeds up the process of adding audio clips to projects.

with the ability to tweak in the sample editor all on one screen.

been getting right into ‘workspaces’ ha ha. Have set up global ones via the ‘organise workspaces’ that way I can name them and pick them up into new projects as I might need them.

I like to have the Media Bay always open and keep it sized as small (horizontally) as it will let me (actually, I don’t technically use the official ‘Mediabay’, I use the ‘Loop Browser’ for ALL my audio, and the ‘Sound Browser’ for VSTpresets, Track Presets, and everything else… I just hit F6 or F7 to toggle between the two). Since I’ve painstakingly tagged and organized all my audio files, VSTpresets, Track Presets, etc… (mostly using my own custom ‘tags’) the Media Bay has really revolutionized my workflow!

Regarding the Sample Editor, personally I don’t like having it set up as low as yours is in the pic. I have mine pulled all the way to the top vertically because I like to have the VarioAudio, Hitpoints, and AudioWarp sections of the Sample Editor inspector all open at once. I don’t use it as much as I used to though, since I set up a bunch of key commands for a lot of the things I used to normally do in the in the Sample Editor…

I have a demo of Halion 4, I use Kontakt though

but I’m kind of hoping that there’ll be a move towards the option to work in a multi purpose set up that is actually one window split according to the task where the user can customise it, like Halion 4

However I did see a recent poll on here, and if I understood it correctly most users would prefer the floating windows

I would prefer my plug ins/vsts to float, And everything else to be able to be set up as its used by the user within one window (this is basically all we are doing with our ‘workspaces’) Just think that as long as users can work the old way if they want, this would be a great improvement… :wink: