media bay auto playing

Hello As soon as i start my song playing Media bay keeps automatically playing whatever was last selected in the preview I keep turning it off and it just keeps playing as soon as I start my song.
as soon as I start up any project and hit play even on a blank project the media bay starts playing whatever was selected the in the last project?
driving me crazy also.
It will not preview some selections automatically when I want them to.
also the constant crashing

Thanks for any help
I have windows 10
this just started happening since last windows update.

well turn off the autoplay to stop autoplay … there are options to sync with project etc, play samples when projects starts… so set your option to what you want - or just simply shut down mediabay when done, it won’t play anymore

avoiding crashes from mediabay is often avoided by setting the results number lower then the 10000 default. I have mine set to 600, it also makes the mediabay have a more snappy response

hope that helps

I did that it just keeps turning itself on i shut of autoplay and link to project and closed mediabay its just keeps going as soon as i start my project on play. even when i start a fresh empty version

I was using media bay again last night same issue all the time is this a bug? the only way I could get it to stop playing was shut off the lower zone. So the preview area was not visible.

so what you are saying is that it is playing when you have it open? then it would make sence that it plays back if you setting is to play back sample when open

I have looked all through the menues and setting I dont see a option for that the buttons i have on the preview pane of the media 1 is for to play automatically when you select and the other is for play with the project I select both of these off. don’t seem to work