Media Bay Bug in Results Columns

There is a bug in media bay storing user defined result columns (Cubase 10.0.20 Pro - WIN 10 - latest update):

I have set up my Media Bay to show media bay results according to chosen column categories. e.g. Name - Rating - Tempo - Key - Image aso. After I set it up the columns to display in a certain way with the categories I need, I close media bay to make sure settings are saved. In my case, I had “All Media Types” and “All Ratings” selected in the toolbar. When I open Media Bay, I go to that specific folder with “All Media Types” selected, the listing and categories in the listing show up according to my save settings…


when I open media bay, switch to another folder and then back to my “Sample Library Folder”, my initial settings disappear. I have to re-arrange all my columns and re-select my categories to “Name - Rating - Tempo - Key - Image” aso. This is incredibly annoying.

You can recreate the issue as follows:

1.) Open Media Bay
2.) Choose “All Media Types” in top toolbar.
3.) In File Browser (Left) choose a specific folder with Audio.
4.) Set up your result columns (click on star icon at the top of listing far right)
(To make sure the issue is correctly re-created, choose the following categories and arrangement order: "Bitdepth - Name - Rating - Tempo - Key -
Size - Image - Channels - Duration - Character - Category - Sub Category - Style - Sub Style - Genre - Path - Date Created - Sample Rate - Notes -
5.) Close Media Bay
6.) Reopen Media Bay
7.) Choose “Sample Library Folder” (should be selected by default)
8.) Re-Navigate to the “Specific folder” selected under point 3 (again, this most likely will be selected by default)
9.) Now choose “VST Sound” folder
10.) Now go back to “Specific Folder” selected under point 3
11.) All columns are re-arranged again by Cubase and original user setting are lost.

PS: Before this issue appeared in Cubase 10, I frequently had to reset my columns in the search results after updates. It would be much easier if Steinberg just added a “Configuration” drop down (like everywhere else), in which various user columns can be stored and recalled manually whenever needed. I would also like to see a way to set up my columns “globally”. Which would then override any default settings within the different “Media Types”.

On a different note: It would be nice, if Steinberg could get rid of the pop-ups for the “Character” category (pop-ups should really only occur on double clicks).


PS: I really like Cubase 10 and think its a real improvement to 9.5. Working very well and performance definitely much better now!

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I found a workaround: I initially only set the columns for “All Media Types”. Which was unreliable when switching between folders oddly enough. When I also set the same column specs for Media Type “Audio”, both setups then seemed to work fine and my manually set columns kept my preference also when switching between folders. Hence above description probably only applies when first setting up the columns in “All Media Types”, without any other types manually set.

I concur with this and can repeat the issue.

Steinberg can you please respond or fix it.

Same problem here.

I have added a feature request for Media Bay which you can upvote:

Please add option to Media Bay so we can set global columns that will work on all folders. Also please add possibility to save “Column Layout Presets”.

You can either upvote this thread or goto my original post and upvote there:

I to have this problem I customize my columns
Switch to another folder and back it resets to default