Media Bay, control room , no preview

I have been researching this issue here, on other forums and in youtube, unfortunately they are all for previous versions.

Either I am not understanding the implementation or my use case is different to those offering solutions.

My control room is configured as shown, a few people have intimated that I need to set up a ‘monitor’ bus here in order to here the preview of media bay samples.

I have tried this but, of course, if I try to assign Analogue 1 and 2 to the monitor bus it disables those outputs for the main ‘focal’ output.

As suggested by others simply disabling Control room wrecks my workflow and is time consuming.

I simply want to route the media bay preview to the ‘focal bus’ , should it be this difficult ? :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I’m just being thick and there is a simple solution which I am missing … :slight_smile:

Not sure, but I think the audition bus has to be the “studio” bus. Is the Focal the “studio” bus?

Hi Albikersone,
I use the same control room main monitor that, in my setting, correspond to my MOTU 828mkII main outputs as I don’t use them for the stereo output; I only lower the volume a bit before prewieving the files, in case they are too loud (You can easily set a reference level in the CR)

Not sure what you mean by ‘Studio bus’ ,

outputs of theAudient id44Mk2

Analogue 1-2 feeds my Focal Monitors (A)
Analogue 3-4 feeds my JBL monitors (B)
Analogue 5-6 feeds my headphones

In Control Room I can select between the 2 sets of monitors A or B

I can hear the media bay preview through the Headphones, it would like to route them to a pair of monitors.

The manual makes no mention of the audio routing, at least tha that I can find …

I use my 2 main monitor outputs for the stereo output …

Check the preferences. There should be an option to route the preview either to headphones or monitor bus.

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If you can point me to the setting then please do, I’ve been through pretty much every one, still can’t see it :joy:

Thanks very much :+1:, unticking this routed the media bay preview to the main outputs

I was clearly suffering ‘option blindness’ :joy:

So it now seems that when, using the control room, and switching between speakers and headphones we have to dive into this menu and flip this checkbox ?

I’m sure Steinberg could improve on this workflow :slight_smile:

Luckily the comprehensive ‘Key Commands’ editor means I’ve been able to assign a key command to this option and assign a streamdeck key to chanhe it more easily :slight_smile:

Sorry, I intended Stereo Out…
I use a similar configuration to the one you use but I route my main soundcard outputs to the main outputs in CR as I don’t need to connect Stereo Out to another pair of monitor and I can hear everything in the CR… Hope I explained clearly… :roll_eyes: :grinning: