Media Bay, Does The User Content Folder Exist

Im trying to find the most organised way to load 3rd party midi loops,wav samples etc to media bay.
So i see the folder on screen named User Content which for me has a perfect structured folder layout
I cant find this folder on my hard drive so i assume that it is just some kind of folder example or am i just not finding its path ?
I would like to copy this folders structure and load my new media files into it.
I dont know where i should be creating this new folder,do i just locate it wherever i fancy on my hard drive or should i locate it in a steinberg folder.
I just want to make it as simple and as structured as possible to be able to add and find newly added media files.
User Content

There are no folders in reality in Mediabay. It is actually a database listing of the folders and files. But you can right-click and use Show in Explorer (or Finder) to see where the listed folder is.

Anyway, all the User content and presets are in the User Settings Data folder. You don’t say Mac or Win so that’s all I can say…

Hi steve im using windows 10 on pc if that is of help to you

Not sure if you read my post…

Hi steve i did and i mentioned that i use pc with windows 10,i can only see show on explorer on my hard and hard drive folders,if i right click on vst sound,facory content ,user content their is no option to show in explorer, in my right zone media bay file browser i can see folders but i cant see or audtion these files,i am just trying to rescan disks and hope for the best,thanks

Steve You mentionall the User content and presets are in the User Settings Data folder
What is the path to this folder or is this a folder that i can specify within Cubase itself,sorry for being thick but im just not getting this.

The folders that you see in the Mediabay are default folders. If they are empty it’s because they are actually… empty. These folders are where you custom presets are saved, they are not a place to put your personal midi loops and audio files !

For this purpose you have to create your folder tree manually.
You can put it anywhere on your drive.
The best practice is to have one folder for Audio, and one folder for Midi.
When it’s done, open the Mediabay (F5), search for the folders you just created, right click on the parent folders (Audio and Midi) and add favorite. It may take a while for Cubase to build the database depending on how many files there are (there’s a blinking icon on the top right corner of the Mediabay window).
Now your folders are displayed in the right-zone, either in the Favorites section, or in the file explorer under favorites.

Fantastic Louis ,you have explained it perfectly,many thanks

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