Media Bay Family Name question

Hi all,
I have decided to tidy up my media bay with TBs of files. I would like to use the Family Names field to name whole folders and sub-folders, but can’t seem to find a way to select and name.

I have one folder which has a hundred or more sub-folders. I select it in media bay. The search results pane shows only a subset of the folder’s content, so selecting them all, for renaming is not sufficient.

How do |I/Can I select a folder and sub-folders and rename them all in one go?




Selecting a master folder should list all results including files in subfolders.
Few things I would check: reset any filters, make sure show Deep results is active and also make sure all subfolders are included and have a checkmark in folder structure tree on the left (Define locations pane).

thanks but it has not worked, I have even set the maximum items in results list to I million, but its still not functioning. I believe there are simply too many subfolders for C8.5