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Downloaded cubase 12 pro to laptop. All my own loops and wave files on external storage. When I open media bay it shows the files but can’t open to use in my project unless I drag directly from the external storage. Unfortunately I then have to manually timewarp so they fit the bars. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


How exactly do you do this? Do you drag and drop the file from MediaBay (Rack?) to the project?

Hi Martin I go to the right panel and select File Browser which opens everything on my pc then select the external drive and open music, the file I want, then the category eg drums but this is where it will not open.

I can drag and drop if I open independently of cubase but this is a pain and then I have to timewarp to fit the project? Basically it’s not allowing me to see at the bottom where u can audition if that makes sense?


So the folder doesn’t show up in the MediaBay Rack? Or the audio files don’t show up in the MediaBay Rack? Do you have any filter selected?

Yes the folder shows but will not open. Eg d drive, my loops, drums but it will not open the drum folder to access the individual wave loops.

Hi Martin been trying all day the only way I can get it to work is by opening media bay F5 and selecting from there. Unfortunately, although in the audition panel it appears to align the loop with the project, when I double click to add into track it reverts to its own setting and I realign by timestretching manually. It all works fine on my desktop but not on laptop.


Could you try to Disable Cubase preferences or even move the out to other folder to get the Factory settings, please?

Sorry Martin how do I do this?


You can ZIP and delete your CUbase Preferneces folder(s). I recommend to ZIP and delete all Cubase versions preferences, in case the issue is in the older Cubase preferences folder.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Hi Martin it shows “default.srf” in the profiles. I only downloaded recently so I have not set any profiles of my own and there have been no previous versions on my laptop?


Please, don’t use the profiles in Cubase. Reach the preferences folder I sent you above.

Hi Martin there is no preference folder showing in that location. Done a full search but nothing comes up?

Hi Martin does this screenshot help?

The folder he mentioned is sitting right there…


Thanks my friend. Sorry to b a bit thick but is it the Steinberg media x64 I need to move? There is only an xml file in the folder or is it that perhaps causing the problem. Just bit hesitant at doing something I shouldn’t and making matters worse. Thanks for your time.

Thanks my friend. This has all my steinberg folders for Dorico, Wavecast as well or is that the point? Save and move so.e

Save to somewhere else?


  • Quit Cubase.
  • Move the Cubase 12_64 folder to the desktop.
  • Start Cubase.
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That seems to have worked for whatever reason. Dont think it likes my external drive so I have transferred the loops I want to main drive on laptop which seems to work better.