Media Bay Files Missing

Hey y’all,

I finally switched over to Cubase 12.0.52 after using 11 for so long, and am having issues with the Media Bay (I had similar issues on 11). A large majority of my samples aren’t appearing within the media browser which is a major part of my workflow.

I’ve attached a screenshot to show the media browser next to the actual finder folder. If you have any solutions I’m all ears! :sunglasses:

Yes, I just had pretty much the same effect, could not find any audio files in the media brower/medai bay.
I solved this by opening the media by (F5), browsing to the folder in questions (or any folder above that), right click and select “Quick Rescan Disk”. After that, the audio files were visible again, in the media bay and the file browser.

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Dude thank you, I could NOT figure out how to get it to rescan. Turns out you can’t rescan disk in the side bar.