media bay filter ... HOW ?


i’m using basic windows search and foobar + waveform plugin for years. it works fine.
now i’m trying the media bay for first time and i don’t understand how the filter work.

i want to search for “EAU” (water in french) in the name of sounds. i use the fitler /NAME/MATCHES WORDS = EAU
but as my name contains a “EAU” then all my sounds popup :cry:
why is it searching AUTHOR as i specified NAME ? i tried track title and get the same …
ho and i realise that if you use “EAU” you get the same resutls as EAU … so windows search is better i guess.

what is this ?

What is the purpose of using Mediabay to search for plugins ?

  1. I didn’t have much success at getting ALL vst plugins to show up. It seems to only show any plugin presets that I have saved. If you are looking for a plugin that you have saved a preset for, then mediabay will be able to find it. You will need to make sure that mediabay has scanned the plugin presets folder on your hard drive.

  2. note that if you go to insert a vst plugin on a track insert, that all you have to do to find a particular preset is to start typing the name of the preset. Would this be a way to get what you want ?

I do not have all the answers you need, I have spotty success at getting mediabay to work for me. I would say if no one else answers, keep experimenting.


Brain, I don’t think this is about searching plugins but actual audio files.


What you’re talking about has been brought up two-three times before. It’s a real problem and a shame it hasn’t been addressed yet. You can read an earlier thread about it here.

Towards the end of the thread a SB developer chimed in and treated it as a feature request. For anyone with a huge database it seems like a potentially big issue.


Can you open Mediabay, make sure you have “filters” visible, and then choose “author” - “omit” and then type in “eau”? I think that should give you every file with “eau” in it (including “beau” or “plateau”) except for any file created by “eau”.


Brain i’m so sorry ! my english was not good enough i ment :
i’m using foobar and a plugin inside foobar to visualize waveforms.
i’m not searching for plugins inside nuendo i’m searching for sounds in my drives to import them in nuendo.

thx Lydiot … ok this is the kind of “feature” that is obvious and should be there from beginning that’s going to be inside a pricy update.