Media Bay filters disappeared

Recently Media Bay and all its variants stopped showing any filter values - see attached.

The filter types (Category, Style, Character, etc.) are all available, but nothing is listed under them. If I select an item in the Results section and use the Attribute Inspector I can see the various filters and what they are set to. As far as I can tell no content seems to be missing.

When I start in Safe Mode and use the default Preferences it has the same problem.

This is all in 10.5.20.

I also opened 10.0.40 and initially it looked like normal with all the Filter lists intact. But then I hit the Reset Filters button and it all disappeared so it now looks like 10.5.20.

1st thing for your custom samples is to tick off read only for all samples in order media bay can write tags.
Once you do that since all tags are written into the file itself you don’t have to worry about trash preferences or anything they will be read once media bay rebuids database.

So try to move temporary in appdata all preferences regarding media bay and try if it’s gonna work.

I see that in screenshot you have *cpr files maybe you have some extension that makes MedB buggy.

The magic file is mediabay3.db. Renaming it forced Cubase to rebuild it. However for a dozen or so Attributes it had an error figuring out the Attribute. But copying over the old file from Cubase 10.0 got it all working again.