Media Bay folders order mess (Cubase 9.5.1)

Hi there:)!
The question is: How to make alphabetically order folders list in Media Bay? Now (Cubase 9.5) it is impossible to do it. Letter “W” is higher than “M” or “S” and ect. There is an mess with folders names order. Any idea?
P.S. ThanX for answers;)!

Same issue here, something is screwy in the way the Mediabay displays folders.

I have my presets set up in separate folders prefixed by a number.

However the MediaBay is displaying folders in a seemingly random order, not related to the prefix number, alphabetically, or the number of presets contained.

happens exactly the same to me on a clean 9.5 install made on a recently formatted macbook pro high sierra… order is a mess. adding prefix numbers on folder didn’t do anything and resetting system preferences (shift+alt+cmd on startup) didn’t help as well

but I made the upgrade from 9.0 to 9.5 on a Mac Pro with Sierra, and there it works ok. folders list in their alphabetical order

so, it is a problem with the OS? or a problem with the install type (clean vs upgrade)?

You may have hit the nail on the head there, I recently upgraded my DAW to High Sierra!

Hi, Jon

On my mac that is working (Macpro with Sierra), I made a recent change … I have “Samples” folder that had 3 subfolders shown in the right order on Media Bay

  • Samples Cymatics
  • Samples Fxpansion
  • Samples NI

so, no need to have a number before folder name.
Right now I added a new Folder called “Samples Izotope”, and it worked again as expected, appearing on the third place … so it works perfectly in this system
In fact, I had some subfolders that appeared in this order “1”, “10”, “11”,…, “15”, “2”, “3”, that is the way mediabay sorts things— I added a 0 to folders “1” to “9” … restarted cubase and voila, now the order of the folders in mediabay is “01”, “02” … “09”, “10”

I mention it because I thought at some point that the random order was about the order folders were scanned, but my last point tells me that´s not the cause

how annoying

Hey elchoco00,

Thanks for checking on that, I’ve tried adding a zero before the number, but there is no change unfortunately.

I did read that High Sierra has a new file system for SSD drives, I wonder if that’s the cause?

can´t answer that because on my macbook pro and macpro I´m using SSD

no HDD here to check

It doesn’t matter what OS I have used. This situation occurs with different OS. Maverics, Sierra, El Capitan. No matter SSD or HDD. Cubase 8.5 and 9.0 shows lists with the right order. This is 9.5 bug.

I just spent half an hour with a remote support on this issue, and still at the end he said he couldn’t’t see the problem! They are definitely not in alphabetical order in the left pane for me! He wouldn’t even admit there was anything wrong, let alone it being a bug.

How ludicrous, it’s clearly a problem!

I just navigated to the folders using the file browser in the right zone. The folders are in the correct order.

So it’s absolutely a mediabay bug.

It’s bizarre support don’t see it is an issue.

I think Cubase 9.5 is showing list by folder date addition

I considered that, I tried adding new folders to see if they would go to the top or bottom of the list, but they appeared to be as random as before.

A quick screenshot to show the file browser displays the folders correctly, but the Media bay doesn’t.

Quick update on this, it looks like it might not be just Cubase suffering from this.

I noticed that UHE Hive was displaying presets in a similarly weird order (and this was while using Logic X).

So I’ve no idea whether this is an OS thing that’s changed, or something needs to be updated in Cubase and third party plugins.

Another update, I’ve just been informed on another forum that…

“In older versions of MacOS, the operating system provided an alphabetical list. since 10.13 the applications have to sort the content of a directory.”

So it looks like it’s up to Steinberg to fix.

But… Cubase 8.5 shows correct. Cubase 9.5 doesn’t. The same OSX. Maybe synergy effect, haha;)

Since so far only MacOS was mentioned: Same issue with Windows 10 and Cubase 9.5.1. Not fun.

I have this exactly same problem (MacOS 10.13.3 and Cubase 9.5.10)

I have 137 folders in my sample folder - and I use mediabay a LOT…but now it’s a pain to use. As a temporary solution I’m just using the finder on the mac.

Please fix this (I love Cubase)

(I have just contacted support about this)

This issue has been half fixed in 9.5.20.

Top level folders in the Media Bay now display correctly (which is a step in the right direction), however subfolders in the Media Bay and folder display under ‘Favourites’ in the right zone are still out of whack.

Cubase pro 9.5.2 with Windows 10 (1709): Folders and subfolders shown under “This Computer” display correctly. All other shown folders (Favorites, VST Sound etc.) are still messed up. Removing old “Favorites”-Folders and creating them new doesn’t help.