Media bay keeps playing phantom drum loop

in one of my projects there is a unwanted drum loop that comes from the media bay , and it keeps playing until i press play then stop in the media bay (the one in the right hand pain ) does the media bay have some sort of clip board ? , it is not the automatically play sample in media bay or any other options , i have checked the mixer and no channels are outputting audio , it is like it is saved in a media bay clip board , and every time i hit play in the project , this drum loop plays , even if there is nothing loaded in the media bay it still plays , but when i load a sample in media bay and hit play then stop the unwanted drum loop stops playing , it definitely has something to do with media bay , is there a media bay clip board and if so how do you clear it ?
cheers for your time !!


That sounds really weird. If only one project is affected, I would try to save it with other name (Save As) or Back Up Project. Is it still the case after?

If ti’s a global issue (all projects), I would try to trash Cubase Preferences (Cubase Safe Start Mode).

No, there is no clip board in MediaBay.